Website translation

website translation

A website is a window display that the entire world can see. The image your brand and your company project into the world depends on how well your website is presented, and translated. It is important to entrust this crucial task to the right service provider to ensure your image reflects your brand and its standards.

VOVF Translation Services has vast experience in website translation, offering a complete range of website translation and localisation services, including direct online integration of pages into your website.

VOVF experts apply their vast expertise in website creation and SEO to provide bespoke translation and localisation services that are perfectly adapted to your specific needs.


Website translation in 50 languages

The VOVF translation team, highly experienced in website translation, is your ideal partner in 50 languages including:

- Chinese translation
- Dutch translation
- English translation
- French  translation
- German translation
- Italian translation
- Japanese translation
- Korean translation
- Portuguese translation
- Russian translation
- Spanish translation

And many other languages on request.

Many companies entrust us with multilingual website translations. What about you?

Be different! Get a free website translation quote from VOVF.


Examples of website translations carried out by VOVF:

- Japanese, Chinese, and Korean translation of a leading luxury goods company
- German translation of a technical website
- English localisation in the tourism sector
- English translation for a humanitarian organisation