With 200 million speakers, German is the third most frequently studied language in the world after English and French. It is an official language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is the second largest exporter in the world.

German efficiency, performance and precision are important values in business. The German business sector is very demanding when it comes to the quality of products and services offered by foreign companies.

Although German grammar is complex, exceptions to the rule are rare, which makes it easier to learn the basics of the language quickly. However, many words in the German language have similar or multiple meanings, that need to be adapted to the context at hand, which can make the task more difficult.

The German language is also characterized by long sentences that are not easily comprehensible without help from a native speaker.

Rigour and precision are undeniable assets in business. Contracts, business presentations, notices, patents and other documents must all be written in a clear, precise manner and comply with the standards and rules of the country. This is even more true in German-speaking countries where rigour is the norm.

Finally, it is essential for practical reasons that regional differences be taken into account in any sales or business strategy.

German translators at VOVF are German language experts who work within the constraints of translation projects to find the right words and expressions for effective results.

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Examples of German translations carried out by VOVF:

German translation of a catalogue for a cosmetic brand
German translation of an emailing campaign for an exhibition organizer
German translation of a website in the telecommunications sector