Dutch translation

Dutch Translation

VOVF translation agency offers high-quality Dutch translation services carried out by native translators.

The Dutch language is spoken by about 23 million people as a first language in the Netherlands and Belgium. About 5 million people speak Dutch as their second language. It holds official status in some of the Caribbean island nations and there is still some presence of the language in France, Germany and Indonesia. It is also one of the official languages of the European Union.

If you’re looking for quality Dutch translations, VOVF’s team of professionals is here for you!

At VOVF translation agency, we can take regional preferences into account for your translation needs.

All Dutch translators at VOVF translate exclusively into their mother tongue and in their field of specialisation.


Our translation services

- Dutch audiovisual translation
- Dutch cosmetic translation
- Dutch environmental translation
- Dutch luxury translation
- Dutch marketing translation
- Dutch technical translation
- Dutch website translation
- Dutch interpreting

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Examples of Dutch translations carried out by VOVF:

- Dutch translation of marketing documents for a luxury spa chain
- Subtitling into Flemish of marketing research interviews
- Dutch translation of a website for a theme park and a hotel
- Dutch translation of HR documents