beauty translation

VOVF translation agency is highly specialized in beauty translation.

VOVF offers significant know-how in the cosmetics field, an area that requires both communication savvy and technical and scientific precision.

Cosmetic texts draw on several fields of expertise, which is what makes them so specific and challenging. Cosmetic translations require expertise and ease not only in communication and marketing, but also in technical, scientific, pharmaceutical and regulatory aspects of products and services.

Beware of ‘cheap’ translations! By using low-cost services in an effort to curtail expenses, you run the risk of having your cosmetic translations carried out by non-specialised, inexperienced translators. This may not only lead to ineffective, low-quality translations, but also result in additional costs and even ultimately harm your brand image.

VOVF‘s team of professional translators is the right choice for all your cosmetic translation needs.

VOVF beauty translators are all experts in the field and only translate into their native language.

In addition to working as a professional in-house translator for a pharmaceutical company for 3 years, our Director of Translation wasmarketing manager for a cosmetics brand in the LVMH Group for 8 years. Her consolidated experience and expertise in cosmetics, marketing, pharmaceuticals and translation make her a valuable asset at the helm of VOVF’s translation network, bringing great added value to the services we offer.

Beauty translation in 50 languages

The VOVF translation team, highly experienced in beauty  translation, is your ideal partner in 50 languages including:

Chinese cosmetic translation
Dutch cosmetic translation
English cosmetic translation
French cosmetic translation
German cosmetic translation
Italian cosmetic translation
Japanese cosmetic translation
Korean cosmetic translation
Portuguese cosmetic translation
Russian cosmetic translation
Spanish cosmetic translation

And many other languages on request.

Be different! Get a free beauty translation quote from VOVF.

Examples of cosmetic translations carried out by VOVF:

– English, Arabic, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish and Russian cosmetic translation of a product brochure
– Cosmetic translation of product packaging and notices in 23 languages
– German cosmetic translation of a product catalogue
– Italian cosmetic translation of a website
– Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean beauty translation of product packaging and labels.