Audiovisual communication is one of our biggest strengths here at VOVF.

Are you looking to build your company image, demonstrate product features or train employees? A video is an efficient, easy-to-understand tool for relaying strategic content in a dynamic and appealing way, both inside and outside the company, locally and internationally.

VOVF offers multilingual translation services for all your audiovisual needs:

– Subtitling translation
– Video and audio transcription
– Creating .srt and word  files  with subtitles and associated time codes
– Creating more than 20 different subtitles format files, YouTube compliant
– Turnkey videos with subtitles embedded directly in the video

The VOVF translation team, highly experienced in audiovisual translation techniques, is your ideal partner for all your translation needs.

Audiovisual translation in 50 languages

VOVF can translate all your audiovisual files in 50 languages including:

Chinese subtitling
Dutch subtitling
English subtitling
French subtitling
German subtitling
Italian subtitling
Japanese subtitling
Korean subtitling
Portuguese subtitling
Russian subtitling
Spanish subtitling

And many other languages on request.

Be different! Get a free audiovisual translation quote from VOVF.

Examples of audiovisual translation jobs carried out by VOVF:

– German, Chinese and Portuguese translation: subtitling a market research video
– English translation: video subtitling for a computer manufacturer
– Japanese translation: subtitling a video on consumer goods
– Multilingual translation: subtitling a corporate video
– English and Chinese translation: subtitling a video on wine
– English subtitling: a video on cars
– English subtitling: a video on financial services