VOVF Translation Services opens new US subsidiary

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VOVF Translation Services is pursuing its international development across the Atlantic.
Three associates – Jody Shafran, Veng Lo and General Manager Giuseppe Lombardo – have decided to export their unique translation concept to the USA.

VOVF USA, the new subsidiary based in Portland, Maine, has a very ambitious agenda: provide high-quality bespoke translation services to American and international companies and organizations to help them grow their international presence and reputation. The new subsidiary’s business model is simple and can be summarized in just a few bullet points:
– Keep the structure voluntarily small and therefore highly flexible.
– Capitalize on the experience and expertise acquired by VOVF.
– Put the customer first, always and without exception.

CEO of VOVF Europe Veng Lo has this to say about the translation industry in 2016: “As a web agency, you have to be on the lookout for new solutions to optimize services and cut costs. There’s a reason these are buzzwords – because it’s important to be in the here and now, and use the latest technology and techniques. However, this can’t come at any price. More often than not, translations services sacrifice quality in the name of cost-effectiveness. What’s the point of paying less if the result is sub-par? There comes a point – and we’re not afraid of saying it – you get what you pay for.”

Jody Shafran, who manages the back office, hiring and managing translators and projects for both companies, agrees. “It’s all about getting the customer what they need while maintaining our standards of quality. That sounds simple enough, right? In reality, that means managing deadlines, time zones and all the people and operations involved in finishing a job: translation, research, proofreading, fact-checking, quality control… I get emails 24/7 from all over the globe: Asia in the morning, Europe all day long, Middle East until mid-afternoon, then the Americas from mid-afternoon till about 2 in the morning which is when my contacts in Asia start getting active! My days are long and I love every minute of it.”

Joe Lombardo, General Manager of VOVF USA, is no stranger to international business either, having run a successful luxury goods import-export company for over 12 years. A true entrepreneur, Joe has a no-nonsense vision for VOVF USA that cuts right to the chase: “One acronym – CREATE – sums up our 6 core values: Confidential, Reliable, Excellence, Affordable, Tailored, Experience. At VOVF, we give the customer what they need. They’re happy, we’re happy.”

For more information, check out VOVF USA‘s website or contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you.

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