Subtitling and voiceoverSubtitling

This is a service many of our customers require: high-quality subtitles for corporate, product and service videos. VOVF has valuable experience in this field and provides top-notch subtitling services at competitive rates.

Subtitling is different from written translation. First, more often than not, there is no transcription or written text to work with, which means the translators translate as they listen and/or watch, depending on whether it’s an audio or video piece. Second, the translators use special software to ensure that the length of the subtitles correspond to the speed with which the human brain processes the information. Third, the content itself requires some adjustment, as people speak faster than they read. This means condensing the material so that the subtitles are more succinct than the actual words spoken. Finally, subtitling requires technical knowledge in audio and video file formats, editing and embedding.

Our knowledge and experience in languages, subtitling techniques and software, and video editing make all the difference between VOVF and our competitors.

Customized service

Perhaps you require only a subtitle file to insert in your video for your corporate website or to stream on YouTube. Or maybe you need a hard coded video file with the subtitles embedded. Our experts at VOVF can do it all, and will work with you to get you what you need.

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