CREATE:VOVF Translation Agency’s 6 core values

Translation is a creative process first and foremost, an art form that involves applying specific techniques and expertise in the creative writing process. This process requires imagination, artistry and precision. To translate is to CREATE.  At VOVF Translation Agency, we are committed to upholding 6 core values in the services we provide: Confidential, Reliable, Excellence, Affordable, Tailored, Experience.

1. Confidential

We know that by choosing to work with us, you are trusting us with sensitive, confidential information regarding your business. We value your trust immensely and are 100% committed to respecting data privacy.
You’d feel more reassured with an NDA? Say no more! We have one ready for you or send us yours if you prefer.

2. Reliable

We work fast and meet deadlines. Period.

3. Excellence

VOVF Translation Agency works with seasoned professional translators who are true experts in their field. They ALWAYS translate INTO their native language. (In industry jargon, this is called the “target” language.) In terms of mastery, the languages they translate from (the “source language”) are second only to their mother tongue. Our translators are well traveled, highly educated and experienced. Some translators are cognizant of their true vocation early on, while others, inspired by the love of language, leave successful careers in other fields to heed another calling, that of a wordsmith, creator of prose, and interpreter of nuance. In other words, a translator.
VOVF translators come from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common: the ability to provide high-quality translations. Excellence is not an option at VOVF; it’s our standard.

4. Affordable

Our services may be top-notch, but our prices are reasonable. Do you have a limited budget? No problem! We work with our clients to provide the best possible services without going over budget. Contact VOVF Translation Agency for a free quote and to discuss options.

5. Tailored

At VOVF Translation Agency, we have an overly developed sense of service. We tailor our services to your needs, not the other way around. Translate a presentation in the next two hours? Understood! Translate a Russian website into Arabic? No problem! Find a Korean interpreter in Paris during New Year’s? We got this! Your wish is our command. Our only objective? A happy client.

6. Experience

Since the creation of VOVF Translation Agency in 2010, we have worked tirelessly with hundreds of businesses to meet their language needs. Our proven track record and experience guarantee that we can provide your business with the attention and quality service it deserves. You know what you’re doing; let us show you what we know how to do.