Trump’s distinctive use of language

During his campaign, president-elect Donald Trump was “bigly” original in the way he expressed himself, especially when he criticized other candidates. "Nasty woman," "crooked Hillary" and "bad" are quite self-explanatory, albeit unusual in a campaign, but what do you think of "lightweight" and "low-energy"? Can you make out his New York accent in the video?
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The US Presidential Election

Rarely has an election been wrought with as much controversy as the 2016 US presidential race. Everyone – from Hollywood celebrities to elected officials and ordinary citizens – has an opinion about this one. Well the suspense ends today as voters go to the polls to elect either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump…
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Subtitling This is a service many of our customers require: high-quality subtitles for corporate, product and service videos. VOVF has valuable experience in this field and provides top-notch subtitling services at competitive rates. Subtitling is different from written translation. First, more often than not, there is no transcription or written text to work with, which…
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